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Besides the idea of buying fake Louis bags

fake louis bags

Fake Louis bags have been one of the latest hot topics in the style circle. Recently, I was out with friends and everyone was talking about it. When it came to me, I had to admit that I hadn’t bought one yet – much to the shock of my friends! So, they started asking me why I hadn’t yet succumbed to the tantalizing ‘bargain’ of fake Louis bags.

I quickly explained my thoughts on the matter. Firstly, I explained that I value quality and the messages a simple article of clothing can convey, so the idea of buying a fake Louis just didn’t speak to me. I also explained that the idea of convincing people that it is real just seems superficial and I didn’t feel comfortable doing that. After all, why should style dictate who I am?

As my friends further prodded me, I had to admit that there is a small part of my psyche that was attracted to fake Louis bags. After all, the mere idea of getting a high quality accessory ; that we normally would have to wait years to get, has a certain allure. This appealed to my “instant gratification” impulse.

Still, I had to admit that it was a bit ridiculous that I was even considering this. I had heard a lot of horror stories of cheap knock-offs and I was scared of getting scammed. Plus, I had also heard about potential safety risks like the counterfeit material used and I would never want to put myself in danger.

There was also the possibility that my purchase could be linked to criminal activities such as human and drug trafficking, which was a huge turn-off for me. No matter how much I enjoy fashion, I wouldn’t want to be complicit in something as heinous as that.

So, in the end I respectfully declined the offer. I chose to maintain my sense of integrity and bought a real Louis bag instead. I was actually really happy with my decision as I truly felt my “personal style” reflect in my purchase. I felt like it was an extension of who I am and that’s a really powerful thing.

Besides the idea of buying fake Louis bags, there were other topics that came up around that time. For example, the use of fake Louis bags by celebrities was a hot topic. Many of them undeniably help promote the trend of fake Louis bags by dressing up in them and posting pictures on Instagram with caption that exclaims the “amazing” deal they got.

In the same vein, it’s not unusual to hear people joke about being “proud of their fake” when caught with a fake Louis bag. Some even go as far to boast about how much money the[……]

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